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There is always a good occasion to open up a bottle of wine. Join us to experience and learn more about the lovely wines Mallorca has to offer in the company of your friends, family or even potential new friends.

Sven van Opstal

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Due to our knowledge and experience in wines and our independence from the Bodegas, you will get an unique tasting. Our tasting can be built up with local and international wines to broaden your knowledge.

Do you want a wine tasting with only local Mallorquin wines, or do you want to combine this so you can taste the relationship and differences with other (European) wine regions?

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Featured Comments

"Fun and professional wine tasting experience. The charming host is a true wine connoisseur. Definitely recommended if you are in Mallorca and want to taste interesting wines."

Pascal Rietman

"Great experience with ample wine, more than I had anticipated. The host is clearly passionate about the local wines and now I understand why. Would definitely recommend!"

Jan van Vonno

"Amazing experience!"

Erik Hensel

Enjoy a wine tasting on Mallorca and discover hidden gems!